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Supplements and tests for polycystic ovary syndrome

Functional Tests and Supplementation

At Nutrition for Women we believe in learning about you through in-depth conversations and health questionnaires, and that the best approach for optimising your health is with carefully considered lifestyle changes and a food first approach.  However, there may be times where we discuss the addition of supplements or functional tests. 


We may recommend specific and targeted supplements to help optimise your health and achieve your health goals.  Concentrated nutrients, for some, can achieve more than an optimal diet alone. Supplements can have a significant effect on your body, so we always carefully consider their use.

We only recommend supplements as part of a full nutritional therapy consultation so that your health history and contraindications with any medications or existing supplements can be considered. They are carefully selected to ensure their purity, that they are in the correct form and are of the highest quality to ensure maximum absorption to help increase the effectiveness of the product, so as to produce the greatest benefit to you.

Many supplements on the market contain ingredients that can be difficult for your body to absorb and may 'pass through' without having the desired effect.

To ensure supplement recommendations are safe, only pregnancy multi-nutrients or probiotics, may be recommended to pregnant women or women trying to conceive. General multi-nutrients or other supplements may not be appropriate to take during pregnancy.

Supplements do come at an additional cost that you would be made fully aware of. You are not under any obligation to purchase supplements.  

Supplements for PCOS
Tests for PCOS

Functional Testing

Through assessment we aim to build a picture of what may be underlying your PCOS symptoms.

We sometimes recommend functional tests to help guide us. They can help find potential imbalances so we can better understand your health concerns. Testing can help to inform personalised nutrition recommendations more accurately so as to gain the most effective results. Functional testing may include areas such as nutritional, inflammatory, gut, or hormone imbalances. Any functional tests recommended are well established, and are carried out by professional, reputable, scientific laboratories. Lab tests do come at an additional cost, that you would be made fully aware of. You are not under any obligation to purchase tests.

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