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Available Services

Experience has shown us the most effective ways to work with you to achieve the best possible results. Whatever package you choose it will be personalised to meet your needs

We get it, its Frustrating...

You may have experienced a whole range of symptoms, some with devasting consequences. Getting pregnant may have been difficult, and you may feel you are facing infertility. You may have felt driven down a path of restrictive eating, or begun to feel distressed with your body image. Perhaps you feel self conscious about your facial hair or cystic acne. Maybe you are concerned about menopause, your heart health or risk of diabetes. It can seem isolating and impossible to know how to get on top of it all. Perhaps you have tried a PCOS diet? It might even work for a while, but its hard to stay motivated when the rules of the plan are so strict, or when you are on your own and don't have clear guidance and support. 

PCOS women in online consultation
Come to the experts for personalised knowledge and support

We draw upon a wide range of skills and a scientific based approach to create a plan just for you which fits into your life and meets your needs. You also have our  full guidance and support every step of the way.

Where do you start?

If you are unsure which package to choose, or you have questions, start by booking a free discovery call.  We can talk on the phone or through our secure online telehealth system. You can tell us about what your needs are and ask us any questions.  We can show you how we can help. It really is that easy.

Ways we can support you
Choose a starter package which best suits your needs, we then personalise this as we work together as the best outcomes arise from meeting the needs of the individual. All packages aim to move you to lasting change and the best way to achieve this is to work together over a period of time, adding in follow-up packages.
Decorative image for PCOS reset package
Decorative image for well women recovery package
Decoration for eating disorder, disordered eating and body image recovery package
All packages Include

An initial assessment and follow-up session with content dependent on individual need

Flexible times for consultations


Full nutrition, lifestyle and health assessment covering health history and current symptoms

Personal client portal with between sessions messaging support


A review of previous relevant test results, possible medication and supplement interactions, and nutrient depletion's from medications.


Clinicians professional research time

Personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations which take into consideration your preferences and circumstances to ensure sustainable change

Psychological approaches to help change thinking and behaviours.


Recommended functional lab tests and supplement protocol as appropriate*


10% off supplements*

Recipes, meal plans and shopping lists adapted to your requirements


Additional materials and handouts

Collaboration with other health professionals if required

* Supplements and functional tests are additional cost, but are not obligatory

**Packages must be used within 6 months to ensure relevance of gathered health information, and safety.

***Follow-up packages are likely to be needed. Various discounts are available

Talk to us about your health and wellness concerns, and we can discuss how we can support you and answer any questions

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