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Supporting all women with PCOS, hormonal imbalances and eating disorders, with personalised, evidence-based nutritional, lifestyle, and emotional care

We are here for all women with PCOS, hormonal imbalances and eating disorders to help you take back control of your fertility, hormones, cycles, energy, and your body

Your body and your life are unique, which is why we explore the root causes of your polycystic ovarian syndrome. We personalise your care, learn about your hormonal imbalances, support you with your disordered eating, and plan your best PCOS diet and lifestyle. 

No fad diets, no shame, no guilt, and our full support. Make peace with your body and with food. 

Learn to trust and love your body again.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome support
What Is PCOS
You are in the right place for...
  • PCOS

  • Conditions like endometriosis 

  • Irregular, problematic periods

  • Hormones that feel all over the place

  • Fertility and pregnancy support

  • Acne, hair loss, or hair growth where you dont want it!

  • Fatigue

  • Migraines or headache

  • Perimenopausal symptoms

  • Stubborn weight gain, intense hunger, blood sugar crashes, or cravings 

  • Eating that feels out of control, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting

  • Feelings of guilt and shame, or you struggle with your body image

  • Eating disorders such as binging, restricting or purging

How do we do it?

We take complex, scientific research, our extensive knowledge and experience, and translate this into easy to follow explanations and guidance for you. We offer our consistent support and the best methods to help you make sustainable change. We help you to understand what contributes to your polycystic ovarian syndrome and what works best as your PCOS diet and lifestyle. We support you with your hormones and coach you through your eating disorder. We strive to help you to achieve your goals, and become at peace with food, your hormones, and your body.

We make it simple for you.


I created Nutrition for Women, for women with PCOS, female hormonal issues and, eating disorders because I know how frustrating it can be.  I wanted to create a space  where you can express exactly want you want and how you feel, with no judgement. Where you can trust we will do our absolute best to help you understand and manage your PCOS, whatever complexities it comes with, with evidence-based changes, that fit into your life

Jo Shepherd PCOS and eating disorder diet, lifestyle, and mental health support
Talk to us about your health and wellness concerns, and we can discuss how we can support you and answer any questions
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